Over the passed 25 years I’ve managed to complete many stunning financial projects

About me

The Start and the Direction

While I still was a student I had been working on few simple projects, team building for small and medium local businesses in my home city of Johannesburg, Soweto. As I progressed I started my work at one of the biggest Financial Services in Johannesburg and the world.

Customer Service That Stands Out

A customer-centered thinking and the love for helping others out to be an effective combo when collaborating with agencies, clients and brands. I always enjoy developing digital concepts. This rough framework represents my pathway to a balanced understanding of the Multi-level marketing as it is and as it should be!

The Creative Traveling

On par with my love for an aesthetically pleasing design I also developed a true passion for Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing

Long & Fruitful Experience

I am a Financial Advisor and Broker from Johannesburg, now living and working in East Rand, Gauteng. Initially, the financial industry paved my gateway to the Multi-level marketing (MLM) industry. This eventually led me to a life changing decision of founding my own independent Crowd1 affiliate company.

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